Focused connected tango movement

Focused Connected Tango Movement (FCTM) is a system of training for Argentine Tango dancing that involves performing a set of basic movements with focus and awareness.

What is FCTM like?

FCTM is like any movement training where good form, posture and ease of movement should be learned from the beginning through focused practice, including things like the following:

  • practicing yoga slowly and with focus
  • learning to play a classical instrument with a metronome
  • ‘soft’ martial arts like Aikido or Tai Chi
  • learning Chinese calligraphy
  • vocal practice in preparation for singing or speaking

How will FCTM help me learn Argentine Tango?

Doing FCTM helps to:

  • improve posture and coordination of movement
  • improve connection to your partner and the music
  • make learning tango more pleasant and efficient
  • improve creativity, improvisation skills and individual expression
  • provide corrective feedback from a teacher
  • become more independent and correct yourself

How much time investment does the FCTM require?

FCTM requires short periods of focused practice:

  • spaced practice is better than blocked practice: short periods of around 20 minutes 3 times a week are better than an hour once week
  • it is best to do the practice in a quiet place with minimal distractions
  • shake off any tension building up between exercises
  • fill out the practice sheet at the end of each practice session

Do I need a partner for this practice?

  • if you have a partner there is partner practice that you can follow
  • if you don’t have a practice partner: the individual practice will help you if you have an opportunity to work with a partner, eg., at a practica
  • you can apply these skills to learning choreography in a standard dancing lesson although you may have to adjust some movements such as walking for other styles of tango