TangoVoice’s real agenda for Argentine Tango uncovered

It is not always all that interesting to look into a person’s motivations when they take a particular stance on Argentine Tango. You’ve got the usual suspects. You’ve got the typical Argentine guy in Europe, US, Australia or Asia. There’s no mystery there. They are just the typical Latino guy on the consumer ethno-dance scene that provides them with some cash, attention, access to women, that they just would not get back home where they are just another boring non-significant loser (and that’s what the majority of these types are in fact). Then you have the leftists, the feminists, and progressives who insist on reconstructing a social practice to fit their own retarded leftist agenda, to suit their own sick mind, but in the process also to score some of the same sorts of things.

You get some of that with TangoVoice. But when you look more closely you also get something else. In particular, three items come into focus. First, there is the wordiness of it all. That’s a salient trait right there that might get you to think about who this person is. High verbal IQ is not equally distributed within the population. Second, there is the condescending view of the local population in the US. The idea is that these people are not “happy” because they lack physical touch, and they need “therapy” that “liberates” them from their misery of contact deprivation. And tango is a therapy that these repressed people need. Third, there is the tolerance of feminism and non-traditional sexual orientations (homosexuality and trans) and the view that intolerance to these is just a sign of mere prejudice, indeed, it’s fascism!

Now, there is a group of people who feature quite prominently in the history of tango in Buenos Aires, who have also written profusely about the need of Europeans to liberate themselves from their repressive patriarchy, which they identify as the source of the “authoritarian personality”, and who have consistently advocated sexual liberation and various forms of body or sex therapy to deal with what they see as the sickness due to sexual repression based on Freudian principles. I mean, we are talking many books, virtually all the major authors, many of whom are still taught at universities. Moreover, they feature prominently in dance departments and in the creation of various body and sex therapies.

You hear that Freudian therapy is quite popular Buenos Aires. Indeed, these people have been helping the men of Buenos Aires to deal with their sexual repression by supplying them with women from Europe. In their own publications that are easily found with a simple Google search they talk openly about the large scale sex trafficking of women form Eastern Europe to South America in the 19th century. Somehow, they themselves don’t seem to be very proud of that history. Perhaps if it wasn’t their own women that they were trafficking it would not get any mention, indeed it would be regarded as anti-semitic, alas it was their own women that they were trafficking and they themselves admit it.

So here we have uncovered the real identity and the real agenda of TangoVoice. Virtually all of the names of the people who are engaged in using sex as a “body therapy” for repressed Europeans—Europeans who therefore have authoritarian tendencies and who need to be encouraged to be more open to homosexuality, transgenderism and demographic replacement,—are ethnically Jewish. It is no wonder, therefore, that the idea that Argentine Tango might be a European dance used to help Europeans socially interact, to help in courtship towards marriage within an ethnically homogenous society is anathema to them. It’s fascism! Their goal is the exact opposite. It is to use tango to “liberate” Europeans from the idea that they should court each other for the purposes of procreation, and instead to use sex to make them less rather than more reproductive. I guess it’s possible to view things like prostitution and degeneracy as part of the history of tango and therefore as “traditional” in that sense, if it reaches your goals. But then we should be open about what the real agenda is.