Notice: moving to pro-right alt-tech

I’m planning to move off all established platforms like Youtube, Facebook and even probably WordPress and gradually switch to alt-tech. I’ve basically stopped using FB other than to promote this website years ago. The tango scene that’s using FB is mostly crap. All the creators that I follow on YT are either banned or moving voluntarily off the platform. Silicon Valley tech companies are making those on the right unwelcome.

That’s fine. I’m done using their products just as I’m done dancing with pro-abortion, man-hating, Western culture-hating leftists (this includes “Cuckservatives” or conservatives-in-name-only). Some people are here to read the technique material and want to continue to participate in this leftist Argentine Tango scene. But the reality is that there is a separation taking place. Because the left and the right are in effect not merely different political ideologies, they’re different countries with totally different cultures that despise each other. It makes less and less sense to pretend otherwise.

Therefore, I think that as with everything else, it’s inevitable that there is going to be a separate tango scene. So far all of my predictions of the ramping up of leftist ideological attacks in tango have come true, and as they are more aggressive the right position is going to be consolidated. Also, it seems that while these predictions were into the future, things are moving much faster than we all expected and the time to act is now. The new tango will be on alt-tech: Gab, Minds, Parler, Bitchute, etc.

See you there to build an alternative tango community!