Yesterday a bunch of lesbian transphobic Feminazis visited my blog. Apparently I have a very punchable face!

I was checking my blog stats and noticed a bunch of visits from a forum which is apparently a spinoff of Reddit for what I call “hyper-aggressive Feminazis”. It’s called, no kidding, “Ovarit”. Ovar the hill? Ovar men? Go figure. Apparently one of them found my post on the Tango Reddit and found it predictably offensive. I’m a misogynist. Here’s the link to their forum: Misogynists Should Really Come With Warning Labels.

What’s interesting is that their comments have no intellectual content whatsoever. They don’t even attempt address any of my arguments. Instead their responses are all emotional, aggressive and misandrist. It’s all gut-level reactions. Just to give you the idea, here’s a summary of what they say:

  • “maketangogreatagain seems like the guy made an alt to flatter himself.” Nope. It’s another guy in the US.
  • “I was wondering how there could possibly be two men exactly like that. Duh. I’m glad that there isn’t a secret discord full of racist MRA tango obsessives somewhere online.” You mean you fear this. I think that’s a great idea. Will look into that.
  • “WTF did I just read? 🤮” Burst your bubble did I?
  • “That is the tip of the iceberg: [link to my other post]. A misogynistic, homophobic, “prolife” christian opposing to divorce, and desperately trying to convince himself and others that rights, gay rights and women’s rights, are of the nefarious “left-liberal agenda”. So vomit-inducing 🤢” So I’m a conspiracy theorist and I’m not really prolife. Why? Interestingly, this forum seems to have a lot of transphobic stuff. Apparently they don’t like women with penises. So I fit right in!
  • “He really has a punchable face”. I have been punched in the face by feminazis at least once, so I guess I have a punchable face by that definition. I can only guess that it’s because I don’t look like a soy-boy. But it’s not going to happen again.
  • “This guy belongs in an asylum. I honestly thought he was a highly dedicated troll at first. What a pathetic little man.” Anyone who opposes feminazis does I guess, and is a troll, and is a pathetic little man, I guess, even at 6.1″ and 100kg. So little.
  • “If patriarchy is so fragile that people dancing in unconventional ways threatens it, maybe you guys aren’t the bastion of masculine strength that you think you are.” Yes, patriarchy standing up to feminazis is a sign of weakness, whereas submitting to feminazism is a sign of strength.

What’s interesting about their comments is that

  • It’s all emotional outbursts, insults and subjective labels (flattering himself, obsessive, desperate, vomit-inducing, punchable, belongs in an asylum, troll, pathetic, fragile) with no attempt at counter-argument or objectivity at all (btw. more evidence if such was needed why democracy is such a bad idea);
  • These women are misandrist and see men as weak and punchable.
  • While patriarchy is weak and fragile they seem quite concerned that men might actually gather and organise against them.
  • They appear to be lesbian radical feminists, and thus pro-homosexuality, but (if you look at other topics on their forum) they’re anti-trans (hence transphobic, apparently the name for them is “TERF”) and so presumably anti-gender fluidity, which they seem to identify with biological males (even though there are trans people who are biologically female) and they’re concerned with attacking the twisted logic of what they call TRA or “trans activism”.

This discussion is a men-hating fantasy and a manifestation of some sort of a mental condition. I have to admit that upon reflection the logic of TRA seems impeccable: if you’ve had the misfortune of having been born with male genitalia by far your best course of action is to decide that you’re really a woman trapped in a man’s body. The second best option is to become a homosexual I guess. The other alternative is to do what I’ve done and live in a non-Western country which has traditional women. The very last thing you want to do is have to be a heterosexual man having to deal with the modern Western woman.

What’s also fascinating about this discussion is that they basically prove the points I make in the original discussion on Reddit, namely, that it’s all about power, using name calling and insults against heterosexual men and traditionalists.

So my response to them is ditto, men-hating lesbian transphobic feminazi TERFs should really come with warning labels.

Post Scriptum

According to the Entrepreneurs in Cars Youtube channel guy, a survey has found that 56% of white liberal women under the age of 30 have a diagnosed mental health issue. Why am I not surprised?