Jeff Deist: secession is coming – you go your way over there and we’ll go our way over here

Jeff Deist at the Mises Institute talks about why the current situation has positive aspects for libertarian-minded people in that it shows how a lot of people would support government tyranny, and how there is now a demographic shift where the pro-statism people and pro-liberty people are physically separating by moving to different states, and how different states and countries are decoupling from central control.

My argument is that the “one tango philosophy” has also had this same centralising and tyrannical effect where the teacher/organiser-led tango mafia has had control over tango discourse to push the Argentine tango agenda and to marginalise milonguero dancing, and that in a similar vein people need to understand that to have milonguero dancing we need to decentralise and to secede from Argentine tango.

They can do their steps, routines, decorations, workshops, bootcamps, marathons, encuentros, etc. over there and we’ll do our “nothing” tango over here, thank you very much, or as the Brits say: “Good bye and good luck”.