London Fakebook feminist tango gulag and why same sex dancing can’t work

While some things like same sex dancing might superficially sound good as men we must insist on logic rather than feelings. All the arguments that you hear are based on a feminine cognitive style in both the women as well as the men on the tango scene. The Western tango scene is completely feminised, dominated by men-hating feminists as well as entitled women who claim either that they’re not feminists or that feminism is misunderstood. I define feminism as the privileging of the characteristically female cognitive style and rejection of the male cognitive style. Appeal to feelings, emotional manipulation, and cancelling or ostracising someone for speaking directly exemplify the female cognitive style whereas skill, appeal to logic and facts, and speaking directly and allowing one’s opinions to be tested in an open debate exemplify the male cognitive style. In this sense tango discourse on Facebook pages is completely feminised.

Any society, group or organisation that privileges the female cognitive style and that rejects pure meritocracy and the characteristically male cognitive style stagnates and ultimately collapses because it denies reality. The whole discussion about LGBT and same sex dancing is completely illogical and based on feelings, can’t work and when applied with any consistency has only destructive consequences. It’s an example of women doing something that they’ve been brainwashed into doing, letting their emotions rule over them and doing something that in the end hurts them. Without men in dominant positions women engage in self-sabotage. An example here is transgender women in sports and female spaces. The ideology of good intentions is completely contradicted by the actual reality experienced by women who are left behind on the sports track or knocked out in an MMA fight by biological males, or who have to share their washrooms and changing rooms with them.

Tango is no different. The only reason this is promoted is that it is the logical consequence of feminism as I defined it, ie., the feminine cognitive style. Men who still think like men as well as women who are not completely enslaved by their feminine feelings can instantly see that destruction is the only probable outcome. Only feminism can allow people to stop thinking based on logic and facts. When a normal man or woman who is not mentally ill looks at two men or two women together in a dancing lesson they understand that these people are not dancing but practicing, and when they see two men doing a performance as a couple they understand that this is a performance which is different from social dancing.

But feminists apparently allow their biological predisposition towards egalitarian thinking (which is perfectly functional in the context of child-rearing when counterbalanced by fatherly influence) to take hold of them and to draw the conclusion that same sex dancing in a social context is the same. The problem is that when you take this logic to its natural conclusion it can’t stop there, and the whole thing implodes on itself. When a normal heterosexual man is told that in tango he can be invited to dance by other guys, or can be led by women, he is apt to think that this whole thing is psycho, that these people are mentally ill and that it’s time to leave.

Because only certain sorts of men would find that tolerable (Ben Lovejoy above seems to be one of them) and, apart from everything else, any man who has any clue about women knows that all the women would lose all respect for him the moment he went for this. Homosexual men have no problem because they have no interest in cohabiting with women. But a man who is at all interested in cohabitation with women knows (or ought to know) that his status with these women will drop down to zero the moment he goes for any of this. This is why you only ever see Argentinians and teachers engaging in this sort of thing as they have other sources of social status (see also Female hypergamy and its effect on the milonga scene).

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