Posie Parker, bigoted women’s rights activist claims women are biological females, and two biological males mensplaining to each other what a “woman” is on Dr Phil

I’d like to know whether the people on the Argentine tango scene like the people commenting on the London Tango Facebook page who advocate same-sex tango dancing think that women are adult biological females and that biological women are different from biological men and what the differences exactly are.

Given that on some AT scenes I’m regularly told that I can dance with men if I like and there’s apparently no difference perhaps the people running AT, whoever they are, could provide an “official line” on what exactly their stance is on the issue of sex and gender differences.

Because apparently the traditional views are “patriarchal” and “oppressive” and I keep getting gender studies lectures from women between dances but I hear different and contradictory positions coming from leftists and this is all quite confusing to a Neanderthal such as myself.

Perhaps a pamphlet explaining these issues as simply as possible to Neanderthals on entry to a milonga would help us conduct ourselves in a more progressive and civilised manner.

I also suspect that statements of the official line on the AT scene might need to be regularly updated to reflect the rapidly changing social attitudes, perhaps every 6 months, so that we don’t commit any embarrassing faux pas such as refusing to dance with non-gender binary people or incorrectly assuming who leads and follows, etc., and are up to date on whatever happens to be the latest political fashion.

There’s also the recent debate on Dr Phil that recently went viral in which two biological males are “mensplaning” to each other what a “woman” is.

I wonder what the AT gatekeepers feel about Matt Walsh’s point that “What you want to do is appropriate womanhood and turn it into a costume that can be worn”.

As a Neanderthal I find all this fascinating and oh so educational but I really need to be told what I should be thinking, esp. I’m totally confused about what exactly a “woman” is.

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