University of New Hampshire assignment requires students to find someone to accuse of being racist, homophobic or ableist, and University of Texas will teach businesses that they must include trans people

Finally it’s all so clear what’s going on: I’m being called out for being a racist homophobic transphobic sexist ableist etc. by these university student types at milongas and Fakebook tango pages simply because they’re doing their university assignment and I’m a white heterosexual man who is good at dancing tango and refuses to dance with other men, homosexuals, transsexuals, invalids, bad dancers, people I don’t like, etc., so I’m the perfect subject for social justice activism that is required by the taxpayer funded professor of their Marxist Indoctrination Studies major. I mean, in every case of calling me out for my white male privilege the person was very caring and polite and was simply trying to do their best to enlighten me on my oppressor status and outdated attitudes.

From the Libs of Tik Tok Twitter account:

Also, at University of Texas, Austin trans PhD candidates in sociology have put together a report which proposes to train businesses to be more inclusive of trans people. At a Transgender District Townhall on Youtube Juniper Yu (she/they) discusses a public awareness campaign that exists both in the digital and physical realm, including a billboard that “really robustly spoke about the upliftment of trans people” and telling people that “transpeople belong anywhere where they set foot”.

The report says that

The City needs to include more trans people making decisions … [and] there needs to be more culturally competent training for businesses and nonprofits that emphasises the intersectionality of racism, transphobia, sexism, and poverty of trans people

As a white heterosexual male who has a job and pays his own bills I feel like I represent the intersectionality of privilege and patriarchal oppression of all the poor minorities and I totally agree that there needs to be more affirmative action hires in government departments that tell private business who they need to be nice to, who they must include, who they must hire, etc. After all business and private property is theft and evil whereas government regulation and taxation are the source of all that is good and virtuous.

So I strongly suggest that all the white cisgendered men who plan on organising milongas in Austin, Texas make sure that you get all the relevant forms and regulations from the trans rights department of the government there, make sure that you allow biological males use female bathrooms, and if you don’t have your quota of trans people at your event that means that you’re not nice and welcoming enough to them which proves beyond any reasonable doubt your inner systemic transphobia.


  1. theatrealtair · February 23

    It’s terrifying – I wish you well – the road to hell is paved with good intentions: it’s when you learn things like this that you understand it.


    • Tom@ContactMilonguero · February 23

      Yes, society failed to heed the warnings and now we’re living with the consequences. It’s all very interesting if you can sit back and enjoy the clown show. Not so fun if it affects your life in some way, like young people at schools and universities, women in sports, etc. I was a philosophy teacher at university and saw this coming years ago so moved to China. It started to make inroads here as well but unlike in the West governments are taking measures against it.

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      • theatrealtair · February 23

        I’m French – for the moment all this is still very far from us – I thought it was limited to a few specific places – I realize that not


      • Tom@ContactMilonguero · February 23

        Well, it’s emanating from the US and then to the Anglo-sphere. But actually these ideas originate in France with Michel Foucault and Jacques Derrida, and their postmodernist analysis of power.


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