Is Argentine tango the victim of a pandemic of narcissism?

When I look at the Facebook tango pages and various advertisements it seems to me that Argentine tango is aimed to appeal to pathological attention seekers.

Or perhaps, since I don’t think that these tango teachers make much money and perhaps are losing money, they’re really motivated by pathological narcissism and desire for attention, and they’re marketing to other attention seekers.

This is really the only way that I can explain why people go about running tango the way they do.

The problem is that tango can only function if it’s convivial, meaning that people have to be able to share a space and create a convivial atmosphere.

But this is incompatible with narcissism and attention seeking, or with the way that the people who are running tango around the world are doing it.

As RockingMrE points out in his video “Narcissism is the Real Pandemic”, there seems to be an epidemic of pathological narcissism around the world and that’s what I’m seeing as well, and this would explain very well what’s happening in Argentine tango from a psychological point of view.

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