The corporate female and her castrated male girlfriend: gynocentrism and secession

After watching the interview with Martin Armstrong on the Highwire with Del Bigtree it’s pretty clear to me that secessionist movements are inevitable, that soft secession is already in progress, and that Western societies are completely dysfunctional and disunited. There are right-wing movements that are “nationalist” and that call for a return to the idea of the nation state. As a right libertarian I actually see the current situation as the inevitable product of the nation state. The idea of the nation state creates a fake unity under a flag which then creates a cumbersome central government that taxes its population to the maximum possible amount and then when it can’t tax any more and becomes insolvent it resorts to printing money and inflation as indirect taxation. It uses the idea of democracy to gain some legitimacy but in reality all the parties have identical policies which are either bad or worse, they never do what they promise if it goes against the interests of the state like cutting the size of the public sector, and if the population votes against the state and it’s ever growing bureaucracy they do everything to nullify the vote, eg., by having another vote.

What the state does to disempower the population is to “divide-and-conquer”, that is, to undermine all the local institutions and sources of affiliation. From this point of view the constant promotion of feminism and gyno-centrism, that is, the promotion of female career-seeing, female empowerment, the protection of women, women’s rights, etc. is clearly a tool in the psychological warfare against men. As is evidenced in the current trucker protests in North America and Europe it is men, in particular white men, who act in concert that represent the greatest threat to the state and it is men’s unity against the power of the state that is the main target of all the psy-ops that the state is mounting like the promotion of feminism, critical race theory, etc.

From this point of view it is possible to argue that Argentine tango is the victim of the state feminism psy-op. Women who are indoctrinated into the feminist doctrine live in a gyno-centric reality in which they have entitlements that are granted by the state: equity, education, jobs, state provided protection, etc. Men on the other hand have only responsibilities and must bow to the needs and requirements of the women. In contemporary Western society men must bow down and when they make demands other men will step in to “protect” the women from the men who step out of line. But these local men are really the beta-male, castrated soy-boys and so in the end it’s the state power in the form of the police that needs to be called upon to crush any man who makes demands. As a man you’re not allowed to make demands and your presence is tolerated only to the extent that you satisfy the requirements of the women as the perpetual taxi-dancer. In effect you’re required to be the castrati soy-boy whose presence is tolerated at the pleasure of the ladies.

And this is really how the castrated beta-males are behaving at these Argentine tango events. It’s really sad and disgusting to watch. The teachers create a corporate in-group out-group system where the corporate females who’re the students of the teachers are the protected class. Everyone else is thrown on the chaotic margins of the event with a sort of a cast system with non-corporate taxi-dancers at the bottom of the pile to service the women who are not part of the corporate in-group. If you’re not part of the coporate group as a male you’re always getting some sort of a toxic vibe. This is most visible at Asian milongas like those in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, but I’ve also seen this in some European cities. It’s really sad to watch.

To go back to the idea of secession, my sense is that for red-pilled man the way to secede from this gyno-centric Argentine tango scene is to travel or move to countries that have not been affected, and this is most likely southern Europe or any places to which people are escaping from gyno-centric, statist shitholes. One marker of the gyno-centric statist shithole is the universities and female education. It seems that the reason places like Hong Kong and Taiwan have become gynocentric shitholes is that the universities there are indoctrinating the women into feminism, and also they are rich enough to send their women to the UK to become indoctrinated there. Similarly with Poland where education is basically blue commie indoctrination.

Point is, it’s not just the obvious places like the UK, the US, Canada or Australia, but even these supposedly conservative places are really gynocentric in exactly the same way. I mean, when I was in Poland I was being given Cultural Marxist lectures in cafes by women who were from Belarus. The places that haven’t been touched by this blue Euro communism are fewer and fewer. So these are the things to watch out if you want to dance tango and thinking about finding places which are not completely overcome with gyno-centrism as part of this movement of soft secession that’s taking place at the moment.

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