Jolly Scholar: gender fluidity ideology is part of a university mediated eugenics program to break down social cohesion

I think it’s very interesting how the whole transgender ideology is moving unabated, and is taking over Argentine tango along with everything else. I predicted this because I saw how it was clearly a program being developed in the universities. What is less clear is why. Standard progressive ideas can’t explain it because it’s so clearly contradicts the basic tenets of feminism and undermines women’s rights. If you told me twenty years ago that women would have to compete with men in sports, including sports in which they basically beaten up by these men, that they would have to share their showers with these men, who still have male genitalia, and that basically being a women is a matter of dress and preference, I’d have thought that the feminists wouldn’t allow it.

However, I did see homosexuals et al in the universities becoming even more aggressive than the feminists and it eventually became clear that feminism would be left behind as part of the old world, to the point where feminists are viewed as conservative bigots. So clearly the standard explanation that this is “progress” can’t stand up to scrutiny. The universities are part of a wider agenda to abolish society as a whole, ie., to abolish any social structure that might stand in the way of total power of those at the top, by abolishing all meaningful distinctions.

The Jolly Scholar thinks that religious experience is central in human life, which I totally agree with, and his analysis of what the agenda is and how it’s being carried out by the university system seems very illuminating. One of it’s consequences seems to be that anyone who’s a product of the Western university system needs to be treated with suspicion, and probably needs to undergo deprogramming, perhaps by way of reading my blog daily for an extended period of time.

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