Why the libertarian right is changing the rules of the cultural game

The current status quo has been established by the left and their set of rules. If you want to teach tango or play music you have to follow the rules of this leftist power elite. Whatever space they control you must submit to their ideas. They are the gatekeepers. They particularly have focused on controlling all spheres of cultural production. Join some sort of forum dealing with art, architecture or music and if you show a negative attitude to modernism and a preference to traditionalism in the sphere of cultural production you will quickly be mobbed and anyone there who might want to support you express themselves in a weak way thereby only to reinforce the power of those who tolerate no criticism. Because of their numbers for the most parts it’s going to be aggressive feminists. The modern liberated woman gains so many social and economic advantages in the current social order that it’s fair to say that women have long become a new privileged aristocratic class that’s parasitic on men and their labour in the developed world.

Given that the conservative libertarian right has developed an analysis of this situation over the last couple of decades, and in some cases even longer, we are now in the process of developing strategies to circumvent and undermine this oppressive system. There’s a quiet revolution underway where spaces that are controlled and dominated by the left are essentially being abandoned and alternative spaces are being developed that are explicitly exclusive of the left and resistant to their encroachment. The left is identified and excluded and abandoned. It’s basically down to being a power game and the objective is to convince those who are still on the left-dominated spaces on and offline—Facebook groups, forums, music and dancing events, art galleries, etc.—to abandon those spaces as alternative right libertarian spaces are demonstrably viable and liberating.

The rules used to be that if you want to play music or organise tango you had to get a space and do marketing on social media. Both in terms of the physical space for the event and the online social media you’re required to pander to the whims of the leftist aristocracy comprised predominantly of entitled feminist women who positioned themselves as forum moderators, as well as their beta-male, white knight minions. The fundamental weakness they suffer is that the leftist project depends entirely on destroying the old and building a “brave new world”. It’s not that difficult to destroy, the problem is to build something that’s of any value in it’s place. What they’re trying to do is to destroy a culture that has evolved over centuries and has stood the test of time in the belief that what they can build will be vastly superior. However, they only succeed in degrading all of culture and produce a culture of transient, fake, kitsch experiences that leaves everyone hungry for substance. They can destroy but they can’t build. They devalue the old but the new that they present fails to prove of even equal worth.

So they control the rules but they can’t then substantiate their position of power by way of a product of any value. By stark contrast, the conservative libertarian, while excluded from the dominant sphere of cultural production, has now complete monopoly on the vast resources of traditional Western culture. All of the great works of Western art are accessible to us and now we are in full possession of it. As they have been busy dispensing with this stuff and attempting to reinvent the wheel, we have been acquiring and curating the old that actually provides real spiritual liberation. As they waste countless words on forums and FB pages trying to justify getting rid of the old and doing everything “nuevo”, we’ve been busy acquiring antique knowledge and skills that we can provide to the spiritually starved masses. The masses will resist but ultimately will have to yield because their spiritual starvation is unbearable.

The consequence of this is that the libertarian right actually has the real “soft power” which the left claimed for themselves on the grounds that left liberal culture protects the rights of women and minorities, and is thereby “virtuous”. Our soft power is based on our a monopoly on spiritual fulfilment in the form of Western culture. Our art, music and architecture is the real thing that provides real fulfilment, and all we have to do is to convince those who are as yet undecided of the value of that. And to do that the libertarian right is changing the rules, abandoning the so-called mainstream channels, rendering them an echo-chamber of vapid gesturing with nothing of substance to offer. They still do their progressive dancing events and flash mobs but there’s no energy in any of this. It’s falling flat and people are leaving. The whole things has descended into kitsch consumerism. All the energy is with the libertarian right who have the cultural goods and all new technological advances are actually liberating us from the confines of progressivist Facebook gulags and wall-to-wall mirror dancing studios filled with brain-dead narcissists.

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