Tucker Carlson makes beauty a political issue

Tucker finally states the obvious, namely, that everything being built post-1940s is ugly, and argues that it’s a political issue. The question is whether it’s possible to defend beauty without religious belief.

Tucker continues after this video cuts off:

“I travelled to all 50 states and everything that’s beautiful was built in like 1925. The more you come to our time the more everything looks like a dollar store. And the Republican party somehow find themselves in this position where they have to defend the aesthetics of the dollar store … “oh that’s free enterprise” … no it’s not, it’s an atrocity.”


Oliver Sacks on Amusia and Musicophilia

Having watched this video I’m realising that I share some of the similar symptoms as the musicophiles described in this lecture, and on the other hand, I feel that I’m surrounded by people suffering from amusia. I also find that this is fairly predictable based on cultural background.